What To Wear This Summer For Your Long Legs Short Torso Body Type

What To Wear This Summer For Your Long Legs Short Torso Body Type

Do you have a long legs/short torso body type and wonder what to wear to make your silhouette more balance?  Since your long legs are your greatest feature and your short torso is the problem area all you need to do is to try making your torso look longer. Here is how:

  • The easiest way to create a longer torso is to drop the waist like, wear hip belts or longer tops and jackets
  • Avoid emphasizing the waist with big waist belts, corsets, tailored jackets, or any details around your natural waist. Instead, go for boxy and structured tops or slouchy tops that drape freely.
  • Avoid cropped tops and jackets and if wearing pattern on top go for vertical stripes or patterns, this will elongate your torso and create a balanced look.
  • Another way of dressing your body type is by choosing dresses that are boxier and straight, this will ensure bypassing the waist and creating a beautiful silhouette that emphasize your legs.
  • When picking your bottoms always choose low rise pants or skirts, this is another way of creating the illusion of a longer torso

Here are 30 amazing looks from Spring/Summer 2014 runway collections that will inspire your wardrobe. We choose only the ones that are perfect for your body type and will make you look fantastic.



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