What To Wear This Summer For Your Short Legs/Long Torso Body Type

Ever wonder what to wear to make your short legs/long torso body type more proportionate? It is actually very simple if you know the few simple rules of dressing this body type (more detailed information find here).

There are 5 main silhouettes that will make your this body type to look amazingly proportionate, sleek, and elegant.

  1. Cropped tops – luckily very “in” right now the cropped top will make your long torso look a lot shorter and at the same time will create an illusion that your legs are endless.

  2. High waists – the high waisted skirts and pants will definitely elongate your legs and make your waist look twice as short proportioning your silhouette.

  3. Emphasis around the waist area – putting the accent on the waist (on or above your belly button) will create a separation between your torso and legs creating a waistline higher that your natural one, naturally making your torso shorter and your legs longer.

  4. Waist belts – another way to create a separation between your upper body and your legs creating a nice and proportionate silhouette.

  5. Long bottoms – a long skirt or pant (preferably high waisted) will elongate your legs tremendously and will create a beautiful and chic body line.

Here are few amazing looks from the Spring 2014 runway shows that will inspire your wardrobe for this summer.