What To Wear This Summer - The Kimono

What To Wear This Summer – The Kimono

I am really looking forward to this summer as I have great vacation plans. This being said, I am trying to map out my summer wardrobe in my head and figure out what to wear during my trip. I have two main objectives – to be comfortable at all times but at the same time to look feminine and elegant (I usually aim for the tom-boy look but really feel like being feminine lately). Also, because I will be moving a lot, I need to pack less and get away with just few pieces so they really need to be versatile. Thinking about all that and searching my favourite stores to see if there are any hot weather styles in stores already I find my ultimate item for my summer – The Kimono. It is perfect….versatile, feminine, elegant and comfortable. I love the many ways you can wear it – with jeans like a cardigan, with shorts as a top, at the beach over your swimsuit, at night belted as a dress, you name it. I also adore the ease that a kimono creates around an outfit, the way it drapes and sits on the shoulders and of course the prints that give away such feminine vibe. There are a lot of different styles, lengths, materials and prints in stores now which is great but also makes it a little difficult to choose. Personally I think that it is best to opt for a cotton or a classic silk one, the polyester ones, although cheaper, will trap the body heat during a hot weather. For greater versatility choose kimonos that are mid thigh or mid calf length so you can wear them as dresses as well and don’t choose very sheer fabrics. The styles with the fringes on the bottom are very beautiful and a little more bohemian v.s. the traditional Japanese style with that fabric gathering at the back that I just adore.

the kimono

Here are some amazing Kimonos and different ways of wearing them