What To Wear To Ensure You Look Stylish At A 1950s Fancy Dress Party

What To Wear To Ensure You Look Stylish At A 1950s Fancy Dress Party

11% of Americans have taken up sewing and fabric crafts in recent years, according to Forbes. And, there’s no better way to show off your fabric design skills than at a 1950s fancy dress party. By creating a classic 1950s fancy dress outfit with a twist, you’ll avoid becoming just another ‘pink lady’ and instead will ensure that you’re the talking point of the party for all the right reasons.

Gain inspiration

The 1950s were all about rock n’ roll, so you’ll need to incorporate this into your fashion choice. You’ll gain plenty of inspiration for your outfit from watching Grease, searching the net, and even talking to your grandparents about the era. When it comes to dressing like your favorite character from the 50s with a twist, you’ll need to think outside of the box. Consider what colors will make you look different, what accessories will turn your outfit on its head, and how little details will make all the difference to your overall look.

Get the basics right

Rock n’ roll skirts and dresses are the key to looking on-trend at a 50s fancy dress party. There’s no need to spend upwards of $50 on this crucial part of your outfit, though. Polka dot prints were all the rage in the 50s, so you’ll need to source a skirt or dress in such a print. Try to avoid common 50s colors such as pink, black, and white and choose maroon, teal, or purple instead as it will look much more original. Once you’ve sourced this, team it with a volumizing petticoat to get the 50s look spot on.

The top half

If you’ve settled on a skirt, rather than a dress, scour your wardrobe for an old blouse that you can unleash your craft skills on. Sequins were big in the 50s, so now is the perfect time to get your glue gun out and bling up your shirt. A delicate row of sequins on the cuff of your blouse, and around the collar will ensure you effortlessly rock 1950s chic. Meanwhile, a similar design on the hanky tucked into the pocket of your leather jacket will complete your look.

The perfect accessories

Neck scarves and head scarves are an absolute must have for 50s fancy dress accessories. However, there’s no need to buy new as you can easily make your own using old clothing from the back of your wardrobe or by purchasing a low-cost piece of fabric from your local store. Complete your look with a pair of Mary Jane heels. But, keep it original and showcase your unique style by using fabric to transform and update an old pair for a stylish 50s transformation.

It’s easy to blend into the background at a 1950s fancy dress party. But, by following these fashion tips and utilizing your craft skills, you’ll create a memorable and fashionable fancy dress outfit which will be the envy of every guest at the party.

By Jackie Edwards