Would you wear SEX

Would you wear SEX

Fashion is, in a way, an art of expression. The designers express all sorts of different feelings, moods, ideas, concepts and opinions trough clothes. We, as wearers of clothes and fashion lovers, too express our ideas, feelings and moods by wearing certain styles in a certain way.

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Usually though, this is done in a subtle and indirect way and is open for interpretations. Not in the case of Christopher Kane’s new collection for Fall 2015, here the message is more than clear and medium (his amazing cloths) says it all. Sex and sensuality, it is not the woman who, wearing his clothes looks sensual and sexy though, it is his dresses that literally show sex.

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Vulgar and unaesthetic you might think – not in Christopher Kane’s case, this collection is beautiful, feminine, alluring, stylish and original. The cloths are like Matisse pieces done on fabric and show graphic naked women, men, and couples making love. I personally think that this collection is very bold, artistic and beautiful and of course not for everybody. There is so much attitude in this clothes that you have to be a truly daring and fearless woman to wear some of the pieces but at the end the effect will be spectacular. This is fashion for the dramatic and creative wardrobe personalities, with an appetite for expressing and a craving for originality.


I love seeing collections like that not just because it is original and creative but because the pieces are wearable, elegant and beautiful at the same time. Kane’s collection isn’t just an end in itself, these are practical pieces that will be worn, that fit and look good on and this is what I call true talent when it comes to fashion design.

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What do you think, would you wear SEX? I think I will, avec plaisir!!!

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